Hogswatch '98



Karen 'n' Kitten

Paul Kennedy,Kat Harris, Thorsten "Doc" Brandt

Megamole, BarryR, Big Jules, Paul Kennedy (?)

You could change it to Suzi...


Gid, Suzi and Paul "The Bursar" Rood

MPK and Ailbhe



Who took this then?

MPK, Ailbhe, Adrian and Kat

Dónal Cunningham and Jo

Simon Callan, Alex Ridge, The Fair Collette™ and Big scary looming Simes (Simon Brown)

Mike hugs Kat

...and again

(Back row) Paul Rood, Dónal, Ailbhe, Adrian
(Front Row) Simon Callan, Collette

Suzi, Alex, Piers Forrest, Jo and Richard Bryant's ear

Many thanks to Richard Bryant for providing some of the captions.


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